Life happens.

Let’s face it…it is NOT always easy to live life on life’s terms!

Life can be great one day and the next sickness hits or your job changes or a relationship falls apart. Unexpected financial pressures may consume you. Recovery from an addiction may slip. Or, you have to put your life aside to care for someone else.

The good news is you can rise above the very things dragging you down. You can find blessings in the mess of everyday life. 

resources exist to help you face life’s challenges. Through my personal losses and struggles, as well as my professional work, I understand what it takes to deal with life’s adversities. Read more about me and my story.

Resources that Work

Making changes that have a lasting effect takes work. Below are tools and experiences to support your personal journey so you can reconnect to what matters most to you.

Take a closer look inside each of these resources and decide for yourself what you need right now!

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Personal Guided Workbook

12 More steps to turn your life around

Face-to-Face Experience

Engaging, Sharing & Learning

Daily Inspiration


Coffee Clutch Chats