About Deb

About Deb Kelsey-Davis

First and foremost, Deb Kelsey-Davis, RN, MHSA, is a caregiver to her aging parents, which she considers to be one of the most important and challenging roles of her lifetime.  Since the age of 19, Deb has been caring for people in one way or another.

A life-long clinician and respected healthcare leader, for over three decades Deb lived and breathed healthcare.  On a parallel path, she pursued and explored opportunities to expand her faith.  Deb holds a Lay Ministry Certification from the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Called and Gifted Program, and has over 20 years ministry experience.

In 2014, Deb found herself on a collision course with her career and her faith, causing her to leave the corporate world.  The events that led up to this life-altering moment had to do with her experiences while caring for her mother-in-law, Eva, who suffered and lost her battle with cancer.  From the outset, Deb believed she had all she needed to care for Eva.  As a trained clinician, with years of knowledge of the ins-and-outs of the healthcare system, and a family who supported her, what more could she need?  Turned out Deb was not prepared for the emotional crises and lack of spiritual support.  Becoming isolated and depressed, she clung to prayer and her faith. The fact that her faith community was not prepared to embrace and support her became her “why” for pursing placing the church and faith directly at the center of caring and ministering to families caring for a loved one.

AdvocacyPageAt the end of the day, she’s certain that, by supporting caregivers in these ways, we will end up with higher quality of life and greater dignity in caring for our aging population…and healthier, happier, effective caregivers.

In 2015, Deb founded Soul2Soul Solutions, Ltd., focused on meeting the practical, emotional and spiritual needs of caregivers.  Later that same year, she approached Kelly Johnson, Director of Adult Faith Formation at her local parish, with the idea of starting a faith-based program for family caregivers.  Without hesitation, Kelly moved the efforts forward, with the same-shared passion as Deb.  And, as God would have it, barriers were removed and Nourish was born.

She’s an author and speaker on the joys and struggles of caring for an aging parent, while balancing caring for the caregiver (you!) at the same time. In addition to her website, she’s built an on-line community Soul2Soul: Family Caregiver Community  and a Private online support Forum for family caregivers. Clients, families and peers are drawn to her determined, practical approach and results.

Deb holds a Masters degree in Health Services Administration from the University of St. Francis, graduating with academic distinction. She holds a certificate from USC Davis School of Gerontology in the Fundamentals of Gerontology. Her clinical background is based on her Registered Nurse (RN) degree. She is a charter member of the National Healthcare Cost & Quality Association and is an active member of the American Society on Aging, Society for Participatory Medicine, National Association of Professional Women and ARA Mentors. In explaining what she does to her family, friends and colleagues, it’s quite simply put as “I’m focusing on what really matters.”