Being Edgy at Getting to Thankful

Have you noticed that your thankfulness has turned a bit edgy whilst on this journey we call caregiving?  By “edgy” I mean quirky, provocative, gritty or with unusual intensity.   Let’s face it, sometimes our friends and relatives don’t get us…they don’t understand what we’re going through.  It takes it actually happening…becoming a caregiver… to fully understand.

So with Thanksgiving nearing next week, I was thinking about my own gratitude list.  I have “normal” things for which I’m thankful, like the parents God still gifts me with or the closeness of my family.  But the edgy ones are funny…and rather odd … compared to someone who’s never been in our shoes.

See if you can relate.  Hopefully, these will make you chuckle and inspire you to let your edgy thankfulness out in the open!

I’m Thankful for:

  • The day after Thanksgiving.  There’s a lot of stress surrounding the day itself, and as great as it is to see family, there’s so much worry and extra steps to be taken to prepare our loved ones the day, never knowing what will happen.
  • Football on TV and all the men evacuating to the den.  So many women complain about this.  Not me.  With everything on my plate, I’m so thankful that they are out of my hair and I have my gals to help me out.
  • My Facebook Caregiver Support Group.  It’s so nice to have others who understand to be able to share with and vent when I need to.
  • A Spare Pair of Latex Gloves in my Purse.  You have no idea how many times those have come in very handy!
  • My Pale Blue Plush Throw Blanket.  It’s so soft.  The feeling of it on my skin is just heavenly.  It’s the one thing I can sit down and snuggle with that will ease my tension.
  • A Filled 30-day Pill Box.  I dread the process of refilling the pill box, but I love the feeling of having done and know it’s something I don’t have to deal with for a few weeks.
  • Costco Runs.  I escape to Costco.  And I love the free food tasting.  Such a treat!
  • People saying “God Bless You” When I Sneeze.  Seriously, not everyone does.  I need all the blessings I can get and I honestly think that it is such a special, kind gesture to hear someone wish for God to bless you.  Saying, “Bless You” isn’t as good.  I love to hear “God” in the Bless You.

Now it’s your turn.  I dare you to be edgy with your thankfulness.  Go ahead, and share something that’s not a mainstream “I’m thankful for” with us so we can all nod and smile with you!



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