Communicating with Suspicious  Minds

Communicating with Suspicious Minds

What’s real to you and real to them are two very different things.  So, toss logic out the window if  you’re living with or caring for someone with a suspicious mind. If you read nothing more than this first sentence above, you’ve got 80% of the answer you need to live with, care for and/or be around someone who perceives things with suspicion.  The remaining 20% of what I am sharing here will help you with ways to communicate and respond…and give you a little more peace too. Who and Why? Science tells us that diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia can often cause  someone to misinterpret  what is happening to them or around them.  But that’s not the only group of people who can suddenly or gradually become more suspicious and develop  improper behavior. As we age, confusion and memory loss can happen due to many other reasons, and lead  to paranoia/delusions such as: Side effects of a medication (or combination […]