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s2ssurveytopWhat do family caregivers really want?

There’s hundreds of websites with tips and advice. Is that it? Sometimes, Yes.  But at the top of their list, they say it’s spiritual support, connecting with other caregivers, and receiving emotional support.  I get it. I’m also a caregiver.

The confirmation of these “wants’ and “needs”  happened through surveys and listening to hundreds of caregivers.  Armed with this information, we’ve designed the Soul2Soul APP.


The Goal!

Simply stated, the goal is to get this FREE APP into the hands of millions of family caregivers.

The Soul2Soul APP will provide ongoing daily reflections, inspirational messages, spiritual support, personalized connections on topics of mutual interest/challenge, and access to coaching and planning support services.

Through feedback and suggestions from caregivers, we will continue to add areas of need.  For example, we’ve heard the need to build out a Memory Keeper and Letting Go content.  This will come…

Why a Crowdfunding Campaign?s2sgiveserve

We are not a big company!  Today, it’s me and 1 other loyal, dedicated colleague who is helping to build the vision…neither of us taking a salary.  Even if we don’t reach our goal, the money raised will be used to contribute to the building of the APP.  I will fund the rest from my own pocket, because it’s just that important to me…and the positive impacts of fulfilling the wants and needs of people who are tirelessly caring for others is enough.

Join Us in Making a Difference!

If you are not yet ready or able to donate, there are still plenty of ways to support Soul2Soul!

  • Become an active participant in our Soul2Soul Family Caregiver community on Facebook and Twitter .
  • If you believe in what we’re trying to accomplish, please share our IndieGogo campaign link via your own social media channels… help us spread the word.  It could go a long way in producing the results we need! (See “Read more on our story” link below)
  • Talk about it!  It’s the worlds oldest and truest form of getting the word out there.
  • Pray for success of the campaign!

It’s not easy for me to ask for help.  But this cause is one that I realize cannot be accomplished alone.  Read more on our story and please share any feedback/thoughts here.

Thank you!

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