Nourish Background

A Faith-Based Program for Family Caregivers

Nourish was launched Fall of 2015, in Downers Grove, IL (Chicagoland), in partnership with Kelly Johnson, Director of Adult Faith Formation at St. Mary of Gostyn Parish.  Initially as a Pilot program, Nourish grew to include members of surrounding parishes.  After now 2 years of workshops and monthly ongoing meetings of members participating in Nourish, we’ve been able to prove the impact of the program, viability of the ministry and how the program has touched and supported the  lives of family caregivers.

What Do Participants of Nourish Have to Say?

Watch this video to hear what participants and group facilitators have to say.

How is Faith Integrated in the Nourish Program and Caregiver Discussions?

Throughout the year, topics such as safety, communication, advocacy, family relationships, self-care and so much more are covered.   Then, Kelly and Deb’s expertise in faith formation, family caregiving and personal experiences gained from caring for multiple family members are woven into the material.

Below are just a few of the topics Nourish includes:

  • Speak Up!  Overcoming Challenges of Advocacy & Preserving the Sacredness of Human Life
  • The Spirituality of Asking For and Receiving Help
  • Roles in Caregiving & Decisions We Face
  • Walking with Christ. Nourished by Grace
  • End of Life – Planning For and Navigating Decisions


Our goal was to prove the program and expand across communities.  We are blessed to have achieved our goals and helped so many caregivers.

Interested in Nourish?  Contact us for more information on implementing Nourish.