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Today, more than ever, audiences need innovative and pragmatic solutions to address the critical challenges faced by family caregivers, who are caring for our aging population.  Deb launched S2S Solutions to address these needs, at multiple levels.

_MG_4593-1Drawing on more than 36 years in the healthcare industry, Deb understands how the system works. Caring for her own parents and trained as a registered nurse, she’s truly “been there”.  Using her unique inside knowledge, Deb’s approach is practical, motivational and actionable.

Whether it’s a keynote, a workshop or working with her one-on-one, Deb connects instantly with her audience.  Her passion and expertise make her interactive programs and presentations highly valued.

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Recent Event – March 22, 2017

Deb had the honor of presenting, at the American Society on Aging’s 2017 Conference, in Chicago, IL. Her topic, “Say Goodbye to Information Overload: Engage Family Caregivers with Personalized Content” shared the insights of a Pilot, aimed at integrating family caregivers more closely to the care team, starting with hospital health systems.  The “secret weapon” Deb shared focused on S2S’ partnership with Sagacity.Care, leveraging the organization’s leading personalized digital health platform for consumers.  If you would like more information on this presentation or wish to have Deb share her work with your organization, simply use the contact form or “Hire Deb”.

Caregiver Educational Model: Learn The 8 Point Integrated Methodology 

8pointguide_ProgramsDo you have a support group, class or program today for caregivers that you wish could be more effective?  Do you hire and provide paid caregiving services to families and struggle to consistently train and educate your staff?  Do you need a stronger model with proven tools to engage and support family caregivers?  Work with S2s and Deb to learn the 8 Point Integrated Methodology that serves as the foundation for existing programs such as NOURISH for Caregivers.

  • Host a half day or full day workshop where Deb will share details of the 8 Point Integrated Methodology, tools that the model  utilizes and have Deb consult with your team.
  • Invite Deb to speak at your event. Deb’s shared her expertise on this model at events sponsored by Oral Health America, Rotary Organizations, National Caregiving Conference, The American Society on Aging and others.

Architects of Care™ — Building Bridges to Transform Care

How well is your organization leveraging family caregivers at the point of care and beyond?  Does your team of health professionals understand the value of interfacing with a family caregiver?  Are you interested in facilitating change to improve transitions in care, reduce readmission rates and bridge the care model  gaps to achieve better outcomes?

S2S is bringing its expertise and first-hand insights to providers of care and health systems to create a culture and build solutions that bridge the gap between those providing care and those who receive the care and/or those who are caregivers to the older adult receiving care.

Deb’s unique background as a clinician, healthcare executive and family caregiver means she understands the perspective and frustrations of both the health professional and the patient/caregiver.

She attacks the challenges head-on and target those that are impeding collaboration and causing missteps towards achieving their common goals of access, quality, and affordability of healthcare.  S2S will speak with your organization and/or team is to begin addressing these issues in order for the stakeholders to co-produce the desired healthcare outcomes.

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