We Mourn.  Pets Mourn.

We Mourn. Pets Mourn.

On August 5th, just 3 weeks ago, we lost a beloved member of our family, Shilo.   At only 10 years old, our sweet golden retriever left us to head over to the Rainbow Bridge, which connects Heaven and Earth.  I cried, as my husband, kids and I said goodbye to him that afternoon.  My daughter, Rachel, said goodbye in the same way she’d said “Hello”, when we first brought him into our home,…laying her head next to his, stroking his ears.   We each said our farewells in our own special ways.  I was by his side, literally laying on the floor with him, when the Veterinarian told me, “He no longer has a heart beat.” When I opened my eyes, I could see that we were both fully soaked by my tears. When a Caregiver Loses a Pet I expected to mourn, and I certainly did.  But, I did not expect my 90 y/o dad and 82 y/o mom to mourn all that […]